Friday 11 May 2012

3PM FRIDAY 11 MAY 2012

As a ticket holder on the Berliner, you are cordially invited to a Pre-train Coffee & Cake Reception in the Allied Museum in Berlin on Friday afternoon at 15.00.

The museum stands as a permanent memorial to the Allied Forces protecting Berlin throughout the cold war. Kitten vob Mew
The large exhibits include an RAF Hastings transport that played a major role in the Berlin Airlift, a Dining Car from the French
Military Train, and the actual building from Checkpoint Charlie. But the real joy of the Allied Museum is the massive collection of the minutia of daily life in the Garrison.

There will be a buffet and entertainment by the Black Kilts Pipe Band and 1940s pin up and burlesque star Kitten von Mew.
There will, of course, be a bar, and we are in discussion with the Spandau Brewery about making that work!

Black kilts band pic



7PM FRIDAY 11 MAY 2012

Fresh from the Reception in the Allied Museum, you are invited to join the cellebrations at RAF Gatow where more exhibits and a vintage programme awaits.  We will whisk you (or at least move you) by a fleet of vintage double decker buses from the Allied Museum via the Olympia Stadium where we will stop for a photocall to RAF Gatow.

At the airbase you will be treated to a parade of magnificent cold war vehicles and the public debut of the ex-Royal Australian Air Force Dakota.

This all washed down with the finest german beer and hot food at the Air Lift Spirit barbeque.

Berlin-Patrol logo for Air Lift SpiritAir Lift Spirit is a commemoration of the allies help and the incredible stoicism and sacrifice Berliners made when East Germany tried unsuccessfully to strangle West Berlin by cutting off all supplies.

Having only just survived a devastating war with more than half the city destroyed by bombing and battle, the population then had to bare even more hardship. 

Known as the Berlin Airlift, it was by the intervention of West Germany's allies flying in massive amounts of food, fuel and other essentials that West Berlin was able to survive.

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