Outline Itinerary

Please note that although the Berliner train will be running both Saturday and Sunday from Berlin to Hanover return, tickets are now only available for Sunday 13 May 2012 (itinerary as detailed on this page)


Friday 11 May 2012 - afternoon

Reception at Berlin Allied Museum

15.00 approx. Coffee and Cake Reception
17.30 approx. Vintage Berlin double decker buses transport guests from the Allied Museum to RAF Gatow via a photo-call at the Olympia Stadium.


Friday 11 May 2012 - evening

Air Lift Spirit - RAF Gatow - Barbeque Soiree

19.00 approx. Vintage Berlin double decker buses arrive with guests from Allied Museum.
Both hangers and the control tower open for leisurely inspection of the exhibits – which range from Herman Goering’s uniform to one of the Gatow Chipmunks so beloved of BRIXMIS and Wednesday afternoon sports fliers.

  • Black Kilts Pipe Band
  • Kitten von Mew
  • Gail Halvorsen – the original Candy Bomber pilot –
  • as Guest of Honour.
  • Parade of preserved cold war road vehicles including British examples (expecting several hundred vintage vehicles).
  • Public debut of the ex-Royal Australian Air Force Dakota


Saturday 12 May 2012

Soviet Bunker Tour

  • Escorted tour by ex-British Army officer Mike Barton
  • Berlin Hbf  - Wunsdorf by train
  • Secret’ villages of Zossen and Wünsdorf
  • HQ of the Wehrmacht High Command 
  • Brunch on the oddest railway in Europe
  • Juterbog - Berlin by train


Sunday 13 May 2012 - full day*

The Berliner,  Berlin - Hanover Return

08.40 approx. Train departs Berlin Charlottenburg
Breakfast served on departure. Full English or Boiled eggs (a Berliner dining car tradition)

10.45 Arr Marienborn
Recreation of British-Soviet security procedures – the “Marienborn Parade”. Chance to explore ruins of Soviet presence at Marienborn station. Note Marienborn now has a very short platform, while paradoxically, the 2012 Berliner has expanded into a very long train. It will take a while to get you all off, and almost as long to get back on.

11.15 Dep Marienborn
Slow pass or one minute stop at the actual border to remember German citizens who were murdered at the Berlin Wall, Inner German Frontier and in Stasi prisons, and the allied aircrew who gave their lives supporting the Berlin Air Lift.

11.45 Arr Helmstedt
Civic ceremony with Major General(s), and Lower Saxony dignitary. Black Kilts pipe band to lead participants to Grenz Museum for visit with English speaking guides. Kameradschaft 248 GSU RMP will be in attendance. A high profile media and local community event.

13.15 Dep Helmstedt

13.45 Arr Braunchsweig
Photo opportunity with locomotive in platform.

14.15 Dep Braunschweig

14.45 Arr Hannover
PR event on station. Loco to depot for coal and water.

16.35 Dep Hannover
Fast run to Berlin, with a pause to water the engines in Magdeburg. Dinner served en route.
To make a 'political/historical' point, the train will NOT to stop at Helmstedt or Marienborn – the first ever Berliner not to call.  The legendary “Potsdam Port” ritual will be observed before passing Spandau.

20.30 Arr Berlin Charlottenburg

*All times are provisional and subject to confirmation by German Railways. If German Railways deem that there is a high fire risk in place on either of the days the train runs, it will be hauled by a heritage Reichsbahn diesel of a type common on the Berliner.

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